HY-40 Portable Drilling Rig

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

HY-40 portable drill is full hydraulic top-driven drill rig with compact and strong structures to work in the toughest working condition. With robust and good perforamce, it can be used in sharp mountains, hilly land, forest or any other places that any trucks can access. The rig can be disassembled into several modules with easy transportation. It is mounted with hook for helicopter lift. The reliability, efficiency and quality reputation has been set up among clients by several thousands units of portable drill rigs used in different countries.



Main features

        All quick-coupling/connection

        Belt tension strengthen facility to extend belt life.

        Load sensing hydraulic system to provide enough power of hoisting and rotation.

        Compact and powerful power swivel

        Two mast stabilizers with angular adjustment within 30°

        High capacity for air flushing with a drag bit or percussion drilling in rock with DTH hammer.

        Compliant with HSE requirements

        HY-40 Specifications

Max. Drilling depth


Drilling methods

DTH hammer, Air, Mud, Auger

Drilling diameter

76, 80, 90 mm

Engine power(hp)

27 hp

Engine rated speed

3600 rpm

Weight of main rig(Exclude drilling tools)

390 kg

Weight of portable air compressor with power pack

185 kg

Weight of portable mud pump with power pack


Specifications are subject to change without notice.