HY-40F Full Hydraulic Man Portable Drilling Rig

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

HY-40F is updated designed based on more than 20 years of experience of production and development of man portable drill rig. With the renovation of technology and new principle of design, HY-40F seismic shot hole man portable drilling rig is top-driven full hydraulic drill rig with compact and robust structure to work in the toughest working condition. It can be used for seismic shot hole drilling to conduct seismic survey in hard to inaccessible areas, the drill can drill with bit and DTH hammer.

Main Features

  Renovated hydraulic system with higher performance but still robust in the most difficult working condition.

   Air drilling swivel gear type, driven by high torque hydraulic motor.

   Light structure mast with chain for power swivel travel through orbit motor.  

  Light structure base frame with four mechanical jacks with footplates to support and align the system.

  The rig is modular type, and just has 5 modules, each module’s weight is no more than 75kg.

  Total weight is 25% less compared with HY-40ZJ.

  All modules designed for quick assembly / coupling and disassembly / decoupling for easy field operation, maintenance, repair and transportation.  

 The material of base frame, mast, engine frame, hydraulic drive(control panel) frame can manufactured with light steel metal alloy for heavy duty or aluminium alloy to reduce weight.

Main Specifications

Drilling depth (m)


Drilling diameter (mm)


Output torque (N.m)


Pull up capacity (kg)


Engine power(hp/rpm)


Total wet weight(including all hydraulic & engine oil) (kg)


Heaviest module weight (kg)