HY-F20 Hydraulic Mini Drill

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

HY-F20 portable drill rig is an ultra-light drill rig (so called mini drill), easy of operation, easy of transportation, it is a small drill rig with diversified functions. It is suitable for soft soil, wetlands, transit zone and other easy terrains. During the drilling process, the force of pulling down and hoisting is provided by man-power, the rotation of swivel is driven by hydraulic power pack. The total weight of drill rig is very light and easy of operation. This rig can provide different drilling methods, such as mud drilling (with portable mud pump) and air drilling (with portable air compressor).

    Main features:

1. The rotation of rig is driven by hydraulic motor, easy operation; 

2. The normal/reverse circulation of drilling tools is driven by hydraulic valve.

3. The weight of hydraulic power pack is 75kg 

4. Optional wheel on hydraulic power pack. 

5. The weight of hand taking part is 17.5 kg (not including drilling tools). 

6. Easy of operation and transportation even in the toughest working area. 

7. Client will decide to use gasoline engines or diesel engines.

8. Optional portable mud pump or air compressor. 


Max. drilling depth    

      Mud drilling:            20m

       Air drilling:            6m

Rotation speed:                  0~148rpm

Drilling pipe:                      32X1500mm w/ sub 36mm

Engine power:                     9hp@3600rpm gasoline engine