HY-F40 Flush Drill (Mini Drill)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The drilling machine is a kind light type drilling machine which used in soft ground, rivers, farmland, swamp area. The drilling machine drills holes by manually operated, the swivel weight is very light, not more than 20 kg. Centrifugal type pump provide mud flushing supporting the drilling. With the advantages of quick transportation, low cost, it is suit to mass production for 2D seismic operation.

 Main specifications of HY-F40 drilling rig

1. Drilling depth                     40m with mud drilling
2. Bit size                                 3 1/2” OR 4”  3-wing drag bit
3. Drilling pipe                       42mm (OD) X 3000mm (L)
4. Total weight                       18 kg
5. Overall dimension:           300x300x3400 mm

Main modules and features
1. Mud pump (1 no.):
Gasoline operated engine coupled with centrifugal type pump, air-cooled type. This is a high output pump with a 7.0 HP, 3600rpm OHV engine. Suction diameter=75mm, delivery diameter=50mm
Pump type:          Trash Centrifugal, Self-Priming
Engine:             Force air-cooling, 1 cylinder, 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine
Output power:        7 hp(5.1kw) /3600r/min
Displacement:        270.1 ml
Rated discharge capacity:         1210 L/ min
Maximum Discharge Capacity:     1300 L/min
Suction Head Lift:               8 m
Total head lift:                  27m
2. Swivel (U-type) (1 no.):
Steel made swivel, use quick joint to couple the swivel with delivery hosepipe & output side compatible (easy to joint by threads) with drill pipe. Use three-class sealing to seal water to prevent t from water leakage. The sealing pressure = 150 psi.
3. Suction hose/pipe (1 set):
Flexible plastic hose with fiber re-enforced. Burst pressure is higher than 100 psi. Each one length = 3 m with clamps on each end (one side is connected with pump & other side dipped into water source) equipped with sit valve and net filter.
4. Delivery hose/pipe (1 Nos.):
Flexible heavy duty canvas coated rubber hose, 8.5 meter length with adapter and clamp on each end,. Burst pressure is higher than 100 psi. One side uses a quick connecting to the pump, other side uses an adapter and clamp to connecting power swivel of rig.
5. Recommended Drilling pipe:
Overall length = 3 meter without socket, outer diameter = 42mm, threading at both ends (right hand threaded), thread per 25 mm=3, easy joint/coupling with other pipe.
6. Recommended Drill bit:
 Three finger type bit, 90mm or 100 mm diameter, joint coupling adapter.