Specifications are subject to change without notice.


ZJ-200 series of truck or buggy mounted drill is our most powerful series of top drive drill rigs.

With powerful and robust hydraulic system, the operation of drill is easy and convenient.


The power of drill is taken from the engine of chassis. No deck engine is needed. This allows mount as many facilities as possible into the limited space of chassis.


With air compressor and mud pump are mounted, the drill can realize nearly all kinds of drilling methods:

Air drilling, DTH hammer drilling, auger drilling, mud drilling, or air reverse drilling.

There are different choices of chassis: 4X4 buggy, 6x6 heavy duty off-road truck or 6x6 commercial truck. Based on the chassis model, different air compressor or mud pumps can be chosen.


With hydraulic actuated breakout cylinder/unscrew fork, the connecting and unscrew of drill pipes is safely and easily. The design and production of drill rig is in conformity with HSE standard.


The power swivel is dual motor power swivel with variable rotation speed control. This design makes the drill rig be suitable for different working applications.


With RC swivel and drilling tools, the ZJ-200 drill rig could be used for reverse drilling for sampling.




 Mounted on 6x6 chassis, ZJ-200C is the most powerful top driving model with complicated drilling functions.

Screw type air compressor          12.5m3/min @ 1.4MPa

 WT-600 mud pump:                          600L/min @ 4 MPa

Engine:                                      231kW@2300rpm

Tire: 14.00R20

Drill head stroke: 6.5m

Drilling pipe:Φ76x4500 mm



The most popular model in ZJ-200 series, is the buggy drill: ZJ-200D the top driving drill rig mounted on 4x4 Buggy. Buggy drill is the model with very good crossing ability in tough area. It has the powerful engine, unique and robust structure.


Engine: DUETZ in-line 6 cylinder inter-cooled turbocharged diesel  engine 280hp@2300rpm

Air compressor:                  16.5m3/min @ 0.25 MPa

12.5m3/min @ 0.8MPa

WT-450 Mud pump:                   450 L/min @2.5 MPa


Drill head stroke: 6.5m

Drill pipe: 76 x 4500 mm

Grade-ability: 60% (31 )

Tire: 66x43-25 or 23.5-25